Promotes knowledge and resources that help individuals obtain a greater income and prevent food insecurity. Continued advocacy for legislative changes is crucial for the goal of preventing poverty.

Mission Statement: The Legislative Committee will serve as a resource to the Hunger and Poverty Prevention Partnership by identifying, prioritizing and informing the Partnership about legislative initiatives of concern to low income families and individuals. With the approval and participation of the partnership, the committee will actively promote educational experiences related to relevant legislation.

Current and Ongoing Activities

Vision 2020 – The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF), The Wisconsin Head Start Association and the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) have a shared goal to end child poverty in Wisconsin by 2020.
A change in leadership for WCCF may impact this initiative.

Please JOIN us, looking for new members to help research legislative items to help the Partnership!



Helpful Governments Links

Contact your elected officials HERE

     For Wisconsin Legislator information go to:

     For Federal Senators go to:

     For Federal House Members go to: – Affordable Care Act enrollment period begins November 1, 2015

     To get contact information for locally elected officials logon to the Stevens Point website:

     For county elected officials call Shirley Simonis, Portage County Clerk at 715-346-1351

     For Stevens Point elected officials call the City Clerk at 715-346-1569 gives a daily summation of statewide news stories and editorials concerning state government


Affordable Healthcare Act info – Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services – sign up for news and updates, and see if you are eligible.