The Mobile Pantry continues its successful efforts of delivering food to rural areas. Volunteers needed! Donations always accepted. Due to the economic crunch around our nation, having enough food to eat has become a crisis for many families. The Mobile Pantry of Portage County wants to reach out and help. The Pantry is operated by the Hunger and Poverty Prevention Partnership and seeks to ensure that rural residents of Portage County have access to food assistance if needed. Everyone needs a little help sometimes… we’re here for you.

Mobile Pantry received a donation of a van from Len Dudas Motors!
Many Thanks!

Beneficiaries of the Mobile Pantry

  • An individual loses their spouse and his income. There is no stable monthly income to provide for basic necessities.
    • An unforeseen surgery leaves a family member only able to work part time. The other family member coincidentally loses their job.
    • An individual is on a fixed income, not in the best of health, and has to rely on volunteer drivers for all means of travel.

Currently the Mobile Pantry delivers to these outlying areas: Junction City, Rosholt, Amherst, Amherst Junction and Almond-Bancroft. Deliveries are made on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

95% of the households served by Mobile Pantry deliveries reported these deliveries have
or are currently preventing hunger in their household. While the unemployment rate
was “only” 5%, the food insecurity rate among Portage County residents was 36%. 

To find out if you are eligible for resources from the Mobile Pantry call (715) 341-9922. All inquiries and deliveries are confidential.

“The 2009 poverty guidelines” followed by the US Department of Health and Human Services start at $10,830 a year for one person and rise to $29,530 a year for a family of six. Food Insecurity is defined by the US Department of Agriculture as a household without “enough food” for all members due to “insufficient money and other resources for food.” Over 20 million American adults and over 10 million American children live in food-insecure households


Where is the Mobile Pantry Located?
The Portage County Mobile Pantry is a non-profit, tax exempt, organization that seeks to ensure that rural residents of Portage County have their food assistance needs met. We are located at the Redeemer Lutheran Church at 900 Brilowski Rd., Stevens Point, WI 54482

Where can referrals and volunteers be directed?
The Portage County Mobile Pantry coordinator is Marcy Ferriter, 440 Old Wausau Road, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (54481); telephone number (715) 341-9922.

What is the Purpose fo the Mobile Pantry?
The Portage County Mobile Pantry seeks to ensure that rural residents of Portage County have access to food assistance when needed. We have developed a special bond with this community. We hope to enrich their live. The rural people that Mobile Pantry helps with are low income, have no money for gas, do not have transportation or unreliable transportation, and do not have available means to come into the local food pantries. The people of Portage County that we deliver to are elderly, who may have a medical condition, be disabled, no transportation, no money for gas and do not have families to rely on. We help families that are low income, perhaps are dealing with job loss, disabilities, and poor health. At this point we are able to make a delivery once a month.

What is the Experience of the Mobile Pantry?
The Portage County Mobile Pantry is a non-profit community outreach program that consists of a coordinator, Marcy Ferriter, and eight volunteers, and, as stated above, is located Redeemer Lutheran Church. The coordinator can be found sorting, checking dates and shelving food as items are delivered. The second and fourth Thursday of each month, Ms. Ferriter, and the volunteers package grocery and sort through day old produce that is donated by a local grocery store. The Mobile Pantry has been in existence since 2001. We help as many as 40-50 people per month. We are careful not to duplicate existing efforts, but rather to reach those who are in need.

In our ten years we have made delivers of emergency food more than 4,800 times. Mobile Pantry supplies supplemental food to rural people who qualify. Rural households in need are referred by case workers at the Portage County Health and Human Services and Community Care of Central Wisconsin. The recipients of the Mobile Pantry in Portage County we deliver to are typically elderly and low income, who may have a medical condition, be disabled, and do not have extended families to rely on. We deliver to the outlying areas of Portage County. These recipients may have no means of transportation and no money for gas or unreliable transportation.

The myth is that rural Poverty rates are particularly low in the Midwest compared to other regions, is this true?
In actuality, poverty in the rural Midwest region is more likely to be hidden than lower in incidence. Only the South, with 51.2 percent of all rural poverty, has more individuals living in poverty in rural areas. The North Central region is home to 25.8 percent of all people living in poverty in rural areas. A 1992 study points out that, characteristics such as norms against conspicuous consumption, the ideology that hard work will automatically result in financial growth, and the prevailing view that “we’re all just folks” combine to hide what can be large differences in income and wealth within communities.


We always in need of additional drivers, and a packer or two would be great as well.  If interested, contact Marcy Ferriter at 341-9922 or

Client numbers remain steady.

We still depend on the community for food and monetary donations.  We are Thankful for the support we receive.  However,  we need to keep people/ organizations/businesses informed as to what Mobile Pantry is all about and what it can do for someone in need, as well as we can use their help in the form of a food drive, special collections, and the like. So spread the word. Thank you.

Marcy Ferriter