Portage county man finds a fresh start with Rent Ready

Following the Super Bowl, Portage County’s Rent Ready program was featured in a news story on WSAW highlighting a family’s journey to a new beginning.

Rent Ready graduate Andrew Lehman wanted to provide a stable home and secure future for his family.

“They definitely give me a lot of purpose, is what I’m finding,” Lehman said.

But as soon as one year ago, his outlook was very different, and with the help of treatment, he turned his life around.

“I had a warrant for me through probation and I just was in the midst of addiction I guess and I was arrested and taken to jail,” he explained. “I really reached out to my family, I really leaned on my probation officer, some social workers, just whatever was there and available to me, I utilized. Instead of just trying to handle everything myself and just internalizing it.”

Though every rental application Andrew turned in was turned down, Rent Ready helped him utilize resources he wasn’t aware existed, securing him a home for his and his children’s future.

Read the entire story from Stella Porter of WSAW here. Transcriptions and quotes are credited to WSAW.

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