The Hunger and Poverty Prevention Partnership, in conjunction with multiple community-based member partners, has established the RentReady Program. The purpose of the program is to provide a training, certification, and rent assurance program that will enable homeless, borderline homeless, and other persons with adverse histories to obtain market-rate rental housing that they otherwise would be unable to obtain.

Area landlords are invited and encouraged to be part of the RentReady Program. For more information on the program, use the contact information below.

Program Requirements:

  • Attend a RentReady class, held on the last Tuesday of every month at the Portage County Annex
  • Complete the following paperwork and meet with a Financial Wellness coach:
    • RentReady application
    • RentReady Rental Portfolio Form
    • WI Realtors Rental Application
    • FWPC Spending Plan Form

Upon completion of all requirements, the participant will be given a certificate of graduation from the program.

Applications are available at the Salvation Army, the Portage County Library, on request, or scan the QR code for an online application.

Contact Information:
Financial Wellness Portage County