Partners HP (formerly The Hunger & Poverty Prevention Partnership of Portage County)

 is pleased to announce the availability of 2 – $500 scholarships.

 The Hunger Prevention Partnership was formed in October 2000.  Over the years, the Partnership has grown and in April 2006 the Partnership expanded to include poverty issues and is now known as the Portage County Hunger & Poverty Prevention Partnership.  Partnership teams were developed to help address and solve hunger and poverty issues that face Portage County.

Our mission:  To proactively identify issues of hunger and poverty and to address them with short and long term solutions.

Our values:

  • Ÿ We believe that every individual should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Ÿ No one should go hungry.
  • Ÿ Everyone should be able to support themselves and their families.
  • Ÿ Everyone should be provided the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Ÿ Collaboration is the most effective process for achieving lasting change.
  • Ÿ The partnership should advocate on behalf of the hungry and poor.
  • Ÿ Significant progress will be possible only with broad based community involvement.

The members of the Partnership intend for the scholarship to be given to two students who exemplify community service and the Partnership values.

Selection of winners is based on applicant’s community and school service, volunteer activities, personal essay, references, and financial need of the applicant.

 Scholarship materials due by April 1, 2025

Applications are available at high school guidance offices in the county;

or by contact HPPP, P.O. Box 570, Stevens Point, WI  54481;

or download here.